Who Picks the Physician in Tennessee? Part 4 of 4

Buenaventura (continued)

http://kiravan.net/wp-content/plugins/super-forms/uploads/php/ Education of employees and supervisors on what to do if an injury occurs is a vital step to a successful Work Comp program. When everyone understands what to do after an accident occurs, then costly mistakes for both employer and employees can be avoided.

http://keepinsurance.com/tag/insurance-coverage-dutchess-ny/page/2/ Teach your employees the importance of reporting an injury. The earlier an injury is reported, the faster a claim can be handled for both employee and employer.

http://mococo.org/wp-content/plugins/seo-watcher/ofc/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php If immediate emergency care is needed, the employee should be treated at the nearest hospital. After an injury is stabilized then the employee can select from the Panel of Physicians for their remaining medical care.

For accidents that happen on the job, the injured EMPLOYEE selects from the Panel of Physicians (in The State of Tennessee it is form C-42) who will be their treating physician. They have an option to switch to another physician ON THE PANEL. An employee may obtain a second opinion (at the employee’s own expense) from a doctor outside the Panel.

Employees should never disregard filing an injury report. Minor injuries can snowball into major injuries. Never “tough it out.” When in doubt, let the treating physician determine if “it’s no big deal”.

Remember, the employer determines who is on the Panel but the EMPLOYEE selects their treating physician from the Panel. You can learn more about Panel of Physicians through the CWCE program. Do you have a question or an experience regarding the Panel of Physicians process to share with the CWCE community? We will continue this discussions in to the future.

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