Who Picks the Physician in Tennessee? Part 3 of 4

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cheap trick lyrics 3. When necessary, the treating physician selected shall make referrals to a specialist physician, surgeon, or chiropractor and immediately notify the employer. The employer shall be deemed to have accepted the referral, unless the employer, within three business days, provides the employee a panel of three or more independent physicians, surgeons, chiropractors or specialty practice groups. The employee may choose a specialist physician, surgeon, chiropractor or specialty practice group to provide treatment only from the panel.
4. When the treating physician or chiropractor refers the injured employee, the employee shall be entitled to have a second opinion on the issue of surgery and diagnosis from a physician or chiropractor specified in the initial panel of physicians provided by the employer. The employee’s decision to obtain a second opinion shall not alter the previous selection of the treating physician or chiropractor.

http://circleplastics.co.uk/wordpress psychologically The two major differences from the rules prior to July 1, 2014 are:

1. A chiropractor is no longer required on a back injury.
2. The 3 day referral notice.

Our next posting, we are going to explore the specifics for educating employees on the State of Tennessee Panel of Physicians.

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