What happened to Chiropractors in the New Tennessee Workers Compensation Reform?


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  1. TCA § 50-6-204  (a)(4)(B) If the injury is a back injury, then the group of three (3) or more physicians or surgeons required to be designated pursuant to subdivision (a)(4)(A) shall be expanded to four (4), one (1) of whom must be a doctor of chiropractic; provided, that no more than twelve (12) visits to the doctor of chiropractic shall be approved per back injury, except upon the approval of the employer. The provisions of this subdivision (a)(4)(B) shall not apply to state or local government employees and shall not apply to workers’ compensation self-insurer pools established pursuant to § 50-6-405(c)(1). (Effective until July 1, 2014.)
  1. TCA § 50-6-204.  Medical treatment, attendance and hospitalization — Release of medical records — Reports — Disputes — Reimbursement or payment of expenses — Burial expenses — Physical examinations — Pain management.  [Effective on July 1, 2014. See the version effective until July 1, 2014.]

Chiropractors for injuries after July 1, 2014 are no longer Lyrica purchase online australia required to be on a panel for an injury to a back. An employer may include a chiropractor on a panel.  If selected they will have the same authority and duties as any other Authorized Treating Physician.  (Including Referrals)

Treatments by a Chiropractor for injuries occurring after July 1, 2014 are no longer limited to twelve (12) visits. Chiropractic treatment is very valuable in established ongoing treatment for injuries, however caution should be used on initial treatment immediately after an injury. Most reputable Chiropractors will recognize these situations and defer treatment to a Medical Doctor.

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