Chapter 8 – Post Hiring Process

where is the best place to order clomid online Employers have to follow rules in the hiring process or face consequences from legal actions or the negative effect on the Workers Compensation program. An employer should understand the direct link between selecting qualified employees that may safely perform their duties and Workers Compensation.

buy Misoprostol australia no prescription A step often missed by employers is training the employee as to what is expected of him or her. The employer must emphasize the safety standards and the what, how and why the job is to be performed. The employer can never take for granted that the employee will understand what is expected unless it is written down and signed off on by each employee. If it is not written and signed, it is as though it never happened.

Arsen’yev Chapter Eight is thorough. Designees will learn the specific steps to train the new employee how to safely perform their duties, the documentation needed to be immediately completed once the employee is hired, how to perform an employee orientation and training program, how to promote reporting unsafe acts or conditions, implementing a cross-training program, how to teach the employees how Workers Compensation benefits work and the expectation of the early return to work program.

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