Chapter 6 – Pre-Hiring Process

where can i buy Misoprostol without a prescription Today more than ever, a company’s reputation and performance are virtually indistinguishable from its people. Improper hiring procedures will levy unnecessary costs to all stakeholders. Systematic, careful hiring procedures protect an organization’s integrity, reduce workplace turnover, misconduct and injuries. Ultimately, the pre-hiring process is an investment in a company’s service offerings, value proposition, and bottom-line profits — an investment with measurable returns.

order accutane online cheap A Tennessee employer should devise a methodical approach to their hiring process and follow this consistently with every hiring event. Establishing a standard protocol ensures that the company is taking every reasonable effort to avoid costly mistakes, decrease risk and comply with Federal laws, as well as prevent cost directly associated with Workers Compensation claims. Many insurance professionals believe that understanding an exact hiring process is an “automatic;” but it is not. Executing proper hiring processes are not an inherent skill; it is a learned skill. Often people do not consider the implications of the hiring process and the selection of employees in Workers Compensation success, but it is primary to the success. Instead, most in the industry focus on just a small segment of the administration of the Workers Compensation system such as reducing accidents through managing unsafe acts or conditions.

Chapter Six, covers the steps to create the correct hiring process – placing the right employees in the right positions – at the right time. This Step-by-Step – Thirteen Step System is custom for the State of Tennessee employer. We uncover little known practices that are a must for any Human Resource Department Manager. -Check out the Introduction video for Chapter Six-


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