Chapter 13 – Calculation and Verification of Benefits There is more misunderstanding on the calculation of benefits by all stakeholders than any other specific subject in Workers Compensation. From the Authorized Treating Physician not knowing the effects of not attributing factors directly related to the injury in setting the PPI rating to the employee/employer not understanding the calculation and why similar type injuries can vary in costs with just a few differences.

buy Lyrica medication Chapter Thirteen breaks the settlement process down into a simple step-by-step process. Once the designee completes this chapter, he or she will be able to complete a Reserve Worksheet and be able to communicate easily with a Claims Adjuster. But we don’t stop there… We review multiple claim examples; some with prepared employers and employees and compare the results of the same type injury when no one is prepared. The comparative results are astounding – commanding a vast 1,000% spread in claim cost! This chapter will not only prove our entire program but also, motivate all stakeholders to execute a plan.

afragola incontri -Check out the Introduction video for Chapter Thirteen-

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