Nuwara Eliya Stacey Cain, Editor Stacey Cain is a professional transcriptionist in Georgia and Tennessee.  She started her career as a licensed court reporter for the Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation.  She transcribed Workers Compensation hearings and depositions statewide.  Subsequently, she accepted a position with the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit located in North Georgia.  As a deputy official court reporter she transcribed civil and criminal court proceedings.

Pālitāna Additionally, in Tennessee she became the Medical Records Administrator for the Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  She changed her career path to start a family, however, during those years she managed to keep and build her network of professional contacts.  Utilizing her skills, Stacey prepared reports for an environmental testing laboratory and transcribed claimant/witness recorded statements in the insurance field. During her career in the legal, medical and technical fields, Stacey has been exposed to various insights.  While working with the CWCE team, she shared her experiences in Workers Compensation from the advantage of being impartial to all proceedings.  She witnessed first-hand the misunderstandings, struggles and difficulties that the parties involved brought to the table.  Stacey recounts from her experience, “There were injured workers scared about their health and potential loss of employment, and employers that tried to help but did not have the knowledge to perform the correct steps.   Something was missing.  If the Workers Compensation community would simply combine their knowledge, then that would make a significant impact for all stakeholders.”

Stacey received her license from the State of Georgia as a Certified Court Reporter from the Board of Court Reporting of the Judicial Council in 1991.  She has served several years as a Girl Scout troop leader.  As a hobby, Stacey also wrote a fictional novel.  She and her husband, Chris, have two children and live in Chickamauga, Georgia.

Stacey Cain