ever Randy Liner, Audio and Video Services

order primaquine Randy began his media career during his high-school days in Germany on the Armed Forces Network. The network began reaching out to students who were interested in media, and hosted auditions for a student-led radio show on Saturday mornings.  Randy was fortunate enough to be selected, and pre-recorded weekly shows that aired on AFN-Weurzburg.  As the eldest son of an Army career officer, foreign lands and travel was nothing new – he lived overseas for his entire Jr. High and High School years.

http://calauctioncompany.com/?fbclid=IwAR2M69dkQb9FISw2NsZxYK1X1a-kW_qXvwnaxDFO4HiZLfJXwiy6ZUcBiMc Upon returning stateside, he began college at UT-Chattanooga, and after a few semesters, he looked into a work program at a local radio station. Fortunately, there were no openings in radio, but a small independent UHF TV station had a need. Working part time, he began by transferring and timing movies, and after expressing an interest in production, was offered a position in the Creative Services division of the station. Today, Randy owns a successful media firm and was responsible for all audio and video for the Tennessee CWCE program.

buy canibus Lyrical law Because one of Randy’s family members was affected by a work place injury, the CWCE project was close to his heart. As Randy says it “Without Workers Comp, an injured person would be quite a burden on a family.”  Randy’s passion for the program is evident in the quality of the videos and production.

From white-water rafting to horseback riding, furniture and cars, to woodworking and bars, he has helped create thousands of TV commercials and dozens of sales videos.  Randy has done some mighty cool things in his career; in fact if we listed these all, we would have to buy more rack space and bandwidth!   Randy lives in Ringgold, Georgia and is married to Nettie.

Randy Liner