Merri Mai Williamson, Human Resource Consultant and Author

Pont-à-Mousson Merri Mai Williamson, is the founder of Application Researchers® and a contributor to the CWCE curriculum. She started Application Researchers in 1993 after gaining valuable experience working along the side of the Human Resource Director of a Tennessee business. She recognized the need to create a reliable backgrounding process for employers to incorporate into their hiring practices. The original goal was to eliminate attrition, obtain quality personnel and develop a world-class screening procedure. Today, her procedures are incorporated into the hiring processes of more than 1,300 clients countrywide.

electrometrically When Derek saw Merri Mai speak at a conference in the mid-nineties, he just knew that one day they would work together to help each other’s clients. Over the years the two discussed ideas of how the Hiring Process was one of the most over-looked processes in business to properly manage the outcomes of workplace injuries.

Elkhart She is very excited about CWCE because the lack of knowledge many Tennessee employers have about the proper hiring processes. Merri Mai says “As we were writing Chapter 6 (the Pre-Hire Chapter), the media reported on a large employer who hired subcontractors who failed to assess the work site for hazards before employees reported for duty. When several workers died at the unsafe site, OSHA levied a fine of $30,000. If these subcontractors had received the CWCE training, the workers who perished might still be alive today.”

Merri Mai holds the designation of Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), which is designated by the Human Resource Certification Institute. She and her husband, Terry, live in Chattanooga, TN.

Merri Mai Williamson