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Bormujos namorar ou dar o fora Q:    Gongchangling latest on ivermectin in south africa Once I am conferred as a CWCE, what do I need to do to maintain my designation? 

ivermectin cows A:   To maintain your designation, you must take an Annual Refresher Course online which may include an assessment and keep current with your monthly fee/subscription of $50 per month.

Toshbuloq where to buy ivermectin in canada over the counter Q:   Why is the CWCE training state specific?

A:   Workers Compensation coverage is state specific coverage. Each state’s laws and rules are different.



Q:   When will other states be added?

A:   Our staff and content providers are writing content in other states. In the fourth quarter 2015, we will announce the next states and the release timelines.  If you know a person that has qualifications to write content, please direct them to our “Opportunities” page at the bottom of the website.

Q:   Why are the CWCE training videos released one chapter per month?

A:  It is common to see various training videos on the market release all their content at once and conclude it with multiple questions. At CWCE, we are dedicated to the education of our designees. We understand the importance of learning and implementing each step of our program. We release one chapter a month, along with a brief quiz, to give you the time to absorb the content and implement what you’ve learned. CWCE is an interactive program. In addition to our monthly training, we want you to read our informative blogs, interact with us on social media, offer your own experiences to share with the CWCE community and, if needed, contact us with questions on any chapter you may need additional help with. One chapter a month will help you build sustainable knowledge in Workers Compensation.

Q:   Once a designee receives the CWCE designation, can the designee review other states as the curriculum is available?

A:   Yes, as long as the designee has received their CWCE designation in one state, the designee may view all other content for no additional charge.

Q:   Does the CWCE curriculum qualify as an annual update for any other designation or Continuing Education for my Professional License?

A:   Currently, CWCE is not an approved course for any CE. The CWCE staff is working toward the credentialing.  We will notify the CWCE community when the credentialing is complete and filed for continuing education credits. We do anticipate that Continuing Education credits will be available for Tennessee Insurance Producers. We will file for the CE credentialing once Chapter 10 is released which we anticipate will be by the fourth quarter of 2015.

Q:  Will my company or organization qualify for premium discounts on our Workers Compensation?

A:  There is no guarantee that the Workers Compensation coverage premium will be discounted. We teach in the course how to exercise all available resources in the training to get the best possible premiums and once the designee has implemented these techniques, a discounted premium is more likely.

Q:  Why are the logo colors red, black and green?

A:   When the partners met to edit the content, we often said that “A CWCE will be able to connect the dots.”  The red dot is for the negative impact an improperly managed program has on all stakeholders, the black dot is the positive impact that a properly managed program has on all stakeholders and the green dot is simple – it is the progression and continual learning and implementation of the best practices taught in the program.