CWCE Vision

State legislatures, laws, and insurance companies have extensive Workers Compensation rules, programs and processes.  Until now, there has been no single resource to understand how to effectively administer all of these; especially for the employer and the employee. Agents, brokers and their carriers are not well equipped to train each client on the nuances of the Workers Compensation system. The CWCE Vision is for every stakeholder involved in Workers Compensation to become educated on the best practices.

Workers Compensation Insurance provides medical payments, employee compensation, and other benefits when a worker is injured in the “Scope and Course of Employment.” For nearly 100 years, there have been many different ideas and misconceptions on how Workers Compensation insurance should be administered.  This comprehensive course has been created, which upon completion, leads to the prestigious designation of the Certified Workers Compensation Executive (CWCE®). This course is for the welfare of an employee and you if you are:

  • An Employer or you administer the Workers Compensation policy
    and claims on behalf of an Employer;
  • A Vendor in the supply chain of medical supplies to injured workers;
  • An Insurance Producer, Agent, Broker, or Service Representative;
  • A Physician or Medical Professional that treats injured workers;
  • A Lawyer involved in Workers Compensation cases;
  • A Human Resource Professional or Consultant;
  • An Insurance Company Employee;
  • A Nurse Case Manager;
  • An Insurance Actuary;
  • A Claims Adjuster; and/or
  • A Risk Manager.


The п»ї100mg neurontin Education (and re-education) of employers on how to administer Workers Compensation on behalf of their employees and insurance carriers is the very first step to a successful Workers Compensation program.  The second step is for employers to Take Action on what they learned by implementing their knowledge.  This is paramount to any law, procedure, rule or regulation.  Limited knowledge results in deficits and improper actions.  That is why a culture of education is invaluable.  It does not matter what the law states, if employers are not trained, the system is inefficient and unsustainable. 

Top employers and human resource professionals will tell you that to stay ahead you must understand and implement the rules, techniques, and risk management trends.  This specialized professional development course is the first of its kind in solving fundamental problems for those involved in the Workers Compensation system, especially for those responsible for administering Workers Compensation policies and/or claims.

One fundamental problem in the Workers Compensation system is that every state and insurance carrier expects the policyholder to understand a complicated system.  But until the CWCE system was developed, neither employers policyholders, employees, state governments, insurance carriers, their agents, nor attending physicians had a combined single resource nor the time to get everyone in sync. If the employer exercises and executes these principles in this curriculum, all parties will benefit.  In addition, when an employer properly executes these principles, they should become the most desirable insurance policyholder in the country.

When the CWCE team discussed our vision for the program, we often said that we are “connecting the dots.” But what did these dots mean to all of the stakeholders? We referred back to the accounting terms red and black,” the accounting terms for negative and positive. When our vision was displayed on our logo we felt that there was a third element, too; green for progress. So our vision is to teach our subscribers how to connect the dots and become the best employer for each employee as well as their insurance company.

CWCE is a unique and practical designation to promote common and state specific insurance knowledge.  It is a working “encyclopedia,” bringing all aspects of Workers Compensation into one readily available resource.  A CWCE designee has the knowledge and active resources to assist businesses in making ethical and knowledgeable decisions.